What do you feel about bacon? Not everyone loves it, so there is very little you can say about the whole population. What do you feel about bitter gourd or asparagus? Once again, not everyone loves them, so there is not much to say. 

Pizza is something that the whole world enjoys! When you are going through a rough divorce or wish to celebrate your child’s graduation, you feel like ordering a pizza and some soda. 

Nobody celebrates with hot dogs or hash browns. Pizza is a celebratory dish and even something that you would want when you are going through a rough phase. 

The question is – Why does pizza make everyone happy? Science has revealed the reasons. This article sheds light on those reasons, so go ahead and read the full post. 

It’s all about the smell 

Looking at a pizza or eating it can be exciting, but science has revealed that it’s the smell that makes people happy. 

Nobody’s going to go wild about a ‘homemade’ pizza made with a store-bought base. The base is old, stale, and chewy so the sight of it won’t make you as happy. 

When a pizza is being made (fresh) in a pizza place, you get excited by the smell of it. You try to imagine the way it would smell when it comes out of the restaurant door. 

When you pick up a pizza from a store, you feel excited throughout the journey. It’s the smell of the fresh pizza that gets you all excited and happy. 

So, it’s the smell that makes people happy and excited. When it’s baking in the oven, the instant thought in your head is the following, ‘it smells great!’

Freshly baked Vs. Store-bought pizza base 

The store-bought pizza base is stale. Let’s face it – you don’t know when it was baked. It was probably made a week ago. People keep it in their fridge and make ‘pizza’ with it whenever they like. This isn’t real pizza – you need a freshly made pizza. 

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Freshly baked pizza is healthy and tastes better than store-bought base ‘pizzas.’ 

When you order a pizza from the best place in Montreal, it will not just make you happy, you will be enthralled by the smell of freshly baked pizza.