We’ve got the technology transition from 2D to 3D has began. 3D applications can be found on TVs, video games, mobile phones, digital frames along with other electronics. This can be a logical next thing in technology.

3D technology, however, is not new. In 1853 in Germany, anaglyphs or traditional 3D images were developed. An anaglyph image includes 2 pictures, one for every eye. By filtering the left eye image to get rid of blue and eco-friendly and filtering the best eye image to get rid of red, each eye will discover a slightly different picture when seen through special colored glasses. This “methods” the mind into blending the two images, giving the illusion of depth and producing a stereographic image.

Technologies are available these days that may change any 2D picture right into a 3D picture. This sort of conversion does apply to TVs and digital frames along with other electronics using human visual perception characteristics. This produces a more in depth 3Ds along with a better viewing experience.

You will find a minimum of 5 digital frame manufacturers producing frames that may convert 2D images to 3D images:

• eMotion includes a 3D frame that doesn’t require glasses since the conversion occur in the program. This frame may also play videos in 3D.

• The new sony features a 3D prototype that’s round to ensure that pictures can be seen at 360 levels.

• Frame Wizard creates a product with software that may change 2D digital photos into moving 3D photos. Eyes will blink leaving will fall in the images within this frame.

• Apple has additionally become in to the act with glasses that may be worn and connected to the ipod device, iPhone and shortly the iPad to allow watching videos in 3D on individuals devices. A stereoscopic image allowing the illusion of 3D is going to be created since the lenses can split the look into 2 different frames.

• The Aiptek company has created a frame that is made to display pics and vids taken with Aiptek’s 3D video camera. It’s the video camera that has the program that may convert 2D pics and vids into 3D.