Summer months usually mean countless evenings and nights of barbecue dinners with friends and family. Therefore, as the colder months die, you need to get started on your cleaning. While you may know how to cook the perfect steak on a barbecue grill, you may need some help with the cleaning. To clean a barbecue grill properly, you must clean the inside of the gas grill, the top of the grill, as well as the grill grates. 

A lot of people postpone the cleaning process because, obviously, nobody likes cleaning right after they have eaten. Your tummy is full of tasty meat, and you just want to chill with your friends with a beer in your hand. However, cleaning is just as important. Meanwhile, if you are preparing for an upcoming barbecue dinner night with your family, consider ordering meat from Papa Earth steak delivery

Steps to clean a barbecue grill properly 

  • Dial in. 

Safety should always be your priority when it comes to cleaning a barbecue grill. If you have a propane barbecue, make sure that all the dials are switched off and disconnect the tank before you begin the process. If your tank is empty, fill it up before the upcoming party so you can be ready to grill. 

  • Heat and cool the barbecue. 

First of all, heat the barbecue at maximum temperature to burn off all the food residue left behind on the grill. Leave the lid on for fifteen minutes. Once the food is all burned, the cleaning process becomes much easier. Turn off the heat completely and wait for the grill to cool off before going to the next step. 

  • Soak the grates. 

Wear work gloves and remove the grill, grease pan, grates, and other removable metal pieces. Fill a large bucket with hot water and regular dish soap, creating a soap solution. Next, let the removable parts sit in the hot soapy water mixture for at least ten minutes. 

  • Do not forget to clean the lid. 

You must not forget about the lid, which probably receives a lot of grease splashes from the cooking process. Put some strong liquid dishwashing soap and clean the lid using a scrub. 

  • Clean the stand. 

Your barbecue may have a stand or casing. Do not forget to clean it too. Get a broom and clean out any debris that has been hiding inside. Give a good wipe to the exterior as well. You do not want mud particles to accidentally float and drop on your steak while cooking.