A root canal is an effective solution if a person faces dental issues such as decay and severe pain. However, it is generally seen that people get panicked by this treatment option as various myths and misconceptions are associated with this vital treatment. It is essential to bust those myths so people can rely on it and undergo this treatment.  

So, in this article, we will study some of the essential facts about root canals and 

how they help alleviate your dental issues. If you are in Rockingham, you can consult various dentists, such as Rockingham, NC family dentist, who can provide the best advice about your treatments. 

What are Important Facts You Should Know About Root Canal? 

  • Root Canal Eliminates Pain: This is the major misconception that a root canal leads to pain. However, the fact is different because the root canal is a treatment in which teeth are cleaned to their roots. In simple terms, there is the removal of the pulp of infection, which ends the pain. This does not cause pain; instead, it helps to remove the pain-based pulp from the teeth.  
  • Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth: A Root canal will save your teeth from severe infection by removing the infected pulp. The main aim of the root canal is to treat the disease and save your tooth. If there is pain even after the root canal, then the tooth replacement is the last option. However, doctors mainly try to clean it through a root canal so that the natural teeth are intact rather than removing them. 
  • Toothache Does Not Always Mean You Need Root Canal: People also believe it requires a root canal whenever they have a toothache. But the case is not the same every time. There can be various reasons for toothache, such as cavities, cracks, gum disease, or any other reason. You should consult a dentist before going ahead with the root canal treatment. 
  • Root Canals Are Safe: Root canal is a safe treatment, done smoothly without much hassles. There is no issue for replacement, and it is done with minimal invasion; therefore, it is considered the safest treatment option. 
  • Root Canal is Sometimes Required Without Toothache: If there is a toothache and infection, antibiotics can reduce the pain but cannot solve the condition. Therefore, even without a toothache, a root canal will be the best answer if you have an infection, and doctors also recommend the same thing to patients. However, it is always better to consult a doctor before progressing with any treatment.