Most people can’t tell the difference between branding and marketing. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when people confuse and use the two interchangeably. Although top agencies like Denver digital marketing agency offer both services, they’re pretty different. It is, however, crucial that you learn the difference between the two so you can carry out a campaign with either branding goals or marketing goals. Both terms are essential in every business but having a brand is vital before promotions. Keep reading to learn what the different terms are and their differences.

What Is Branding? 

Branding is the process of shaping your business’s identity. Creating a brand identity includes giving your business a character and a narrative on what you offer, why you provide it, and the end goal. It’s also a way of speaking to your target audience and choosing a method to communicate with them. Through branding, you provide meaning to your customers’ experiences with you. Most times, part of branding is visual through logo, fonts, and other visual elements that top agencies like Denver digital marketing agency covers. However, most of it includes the experience your customers enjoy from you. Branding is why your customers choose you over the competitors.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is promoting and selling your products and services. There are different aspects covered under marketing like sales, market research, advertising, and even branding. There are specific strategies you need to take during marketing to reach your target audience effectively. Marketing can either be offline or online, which agencies like Denver digital marketing agency cover. Most business owners indulge in marketing activities like social media visibility, website strengthening, and many more. The proactive approach you indulge in makes your customers loyal and helps to grow your business significantly.

Learning the Difference

Although both branding and marketing share goals, below are some points to highlight the difference between marketing and branding.

Branding Comes First: There’s a need to first brand your business before you dive into marketing. It is the foundation of the marketing plans and gives your business a unified tone of voice.

They have different Goals: While marketing focuses on increasing sales, branding helps to build customer loyalty. While marketing is the reason people purchase, branding is what keeps them coming back.

Marketing Grabs People’s Attention: Most times, it is through your marketing campaign that customers discover your brand. However, branding gives your customers a reason to trust you. It helps to build a connection with customers after your marketing strategies raise their interest.