Postcards are practical marketing tools to generate more leads and sales through direct mail. Find some best practices for creating and mailing postcards for just sold listings. Following these tips can increase your response rate and improve your campaigns’ results.

  1. Start with a Strong Headline

Your postcard should have a clear, concise headline that tells your recipients what it is. Something like “Just Sold – Your Home Could be Next!” will catch people’s attention and make them want to learn more.

  1. Use High-Quality Images

Quality images are essential for any direct mail piece, but especially for just sold postcards. People will want to see pictures of the properties you’ve recently sold, so make sure they’re clear and professional-looking. Use good quality photos, and consider hiring a professional photographer to take some for you.

It’s also important to use relevant images for your target audience. If you’re selling luxury homes, for example, using photos of the exterior and interior of the homes you’ve sold will appeal to your high-end buyers.

If you’re selling more affordable homes, on the other hand, using images of the neighborhood or local amenities will be more effective in catching people’s attention. Remember, the goal is to get people interested in your properties, so make sure you use images that will help draw attention.

  1. Tailor Your Recently Sold Postcards

When you make postcards for just sold listings, it is important to make them fit the person who will see them. So you want to use pictures of houses that look like those they might live in. And you want to write things on the postcard that will interest them.

You can tailor your postcards to specific demographics, like age group, income, or family size. This way, you can target your just sold postcards to the people most likely to be interested in buying a home like the one you’ve just sold.

  1. Promote a Special Offer Your Prospects Can’t Ignore

Be sure to include a special offer to intrigue your prospects and get them to call you for more information. It could be anything from a discounted rate on your next home purchase to a free consultation with one of your agents. Make sure it’s something your prospects will find irresistible.

  1. Target the Right # Of Prospects Around Your Listing

In any promotional campaign, targeting the right number of prospects around your listing is important. You don’t want to send them to too many people, or they’ll become irrelevant and ignored. But you also don’t want to send them to too few people, or else they won’t generate enough leads.

The best way to determine the right number is to test different quantities and see what works best for your business. Start with a small quantity, like 500 postcards, and then increase or decrease your volume based on the results you see.

By following these tips, you can create an effective just-sold postcard campaign that will help you generate more leads and sales. So don’t wait – get started today.