It’s always a huge investment when purchasing a new area rug for your home, and this is partly because most people buy rugs with the intention of keeping them for many years to come. 

Long-term décor investments should be made wisely, which is why it’s important for rug shoppers to have the foresight into seeing what current trends will likely stand the test of time. So if you’re looking for high-quality, Hand knotted rugs for your home, then you’re in the right place! 

Below we’ll be going over some 2023 trends within the rug industry that are growing all throughout the United States for a variety of reasons, and by going through this list you’ll undoubtedly ensure that you’re putting your new décor investments on the right track: 

More Vibrant Color Palettes

One thing that you should keep in mind while beginning your rug search is that you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to neutral, light colors. A lot of people think that area rugs are supposed to blend in unsubstantially within a room’s décor, but this is all starting to change. 

One of the latest rug industry trends is more vibrant color combinations within the rug’s design frame. A lot of rug shoppers these days understand that they’re going to invest a ton of money into their new rugs, so they might as well make them a cornerstone of their room’s ambience! 

All-Natural Rug Fibers 

Everyone loves all-natural rug fibers, largely because they’re high-quality and good for the environment. Most hand-knotted area rugs are comprised of natural fibers these days, so you can be rest assured that these fibers will stand the test of time no matter how busy your household is. 

There are a lot of reasons for today’s rug shoppers to only consider natural rug fibers, even though synthetic fibers surely are gaining traction in their own right. But when it comes down to the latest rug trends, natural fibers are still king! 

Texture Layering 

Rug layering has been a growing trend for a couple years now, and this trend only looks like it’ll grow into 2023. Essentially what this trend entails is the stylistic approach in using area rugs within an open floor plan to divide certain spaces from one another. 

So if your living and dining rooms are connected, certain area rugs can be the subtle indication in terms of when a certain room ends and the other begins. This trend also includes the usage of two or more area rugs on top of one another, which provides a uniquely layered texture for specific spaces. 

Shaggy Piles 

One thing is for certain when it comes to 2023 area rug trends, and that’s that shag rugs are back, baby! 

You’ll likely see it all over the Web and at in-person showrooms throughout the country, but shaggy rugs with high piles are making a huge comeback as more people want to create cozier ambiences within their homes. This trend may be connected to the pandemic’s effect on people spending more time at home, but no matter what the causes are, shaggy rugs are growing in popularity. 

Irregular Rug Shapes 

These days, people don’t necessarily think that area rugs are supposed to be traditional rectangles that come in specific dimensions. Today’s rug shoppers are looking for all different types of shapes, including ovals, squares, triangles and just about anything you could imagine! 

As you can probably imagine from a décor standpoint, these irregular rug shapes are making bold statements within rooms and creating very unique ambiences. This modern style is only going to grow into 2023 and beyond, and it may just be the future of the entire industry! 

Antique, Distressed Aesthetics

Antique area rugs have always been in style, and today people are trying to spend less on area rugs that are artificially distressed in order to appear much older than they actually are.

There’s no denying that antique rugs might just be the most expensive option in today’s marketplace, so rug shoppers are cutting some corners and getting these types of timeless aesthetics for a much cheaper price! 

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There are plenty of trends for rug shoppers to keep in mind as they shop for their holiday presents, and the above trends are just the beginning in terms of everything that’ll inevitably permeate throughout the industry in the coming years ahead. 

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