The living room decor can sometimes get very expensive if you don’t have a hold on them. Choosing furniture for your living room should be done after much research and negotiation. When I say research, most of us don’t have the time to check stores and find the pricing for various types of furniture. It doesn’t end here, and you still have to note what the make of the furniture is and how much the price differs from the other. But don’t take the tension to your head. Allow us to give you living room decor ideas that work wonders within your budget. Wakefit is an online store that sells some of the best stuff at the most reasonable prices. Here are some pocket-friendly living room decor ideas.

Try changing the theme of the room:

Changing the room’s theme is all about changing the entire look of the room with whatever is available. Work on less expensive furniture like side tables, chairs, coffee tables etc., that can be replaced with a new one or painted to look brand new. Hang a swing in your balcony that has a view from the living room too. Or else you can just simply layer a small rug in areas that you feel empty and boring. Make sure the rug blends into the theme of the room. Start with the largest rug in the centre and the rest in places where there is less attraction. Rugs essentially help in pulling a room together. Interchange rugs if you are bored of the same colour. Play with a similar range of colours to give a theme and yet show some difference.

Clear out the clutter:

Having too many things and furniture in one room can spoil the look of the room. A room has to be spacious enough to give an aesthetic feel to the person using it. You don’t have to remove the main furniture like sofa set and teapoys, but if you find too many chairs and stools occupying the room, it’s time to get rid of them. Place them on the balcony or in the next room. Focus on unnecessary decor, artwork and electronics that take up too much space in the living room. It is better to start from a clean slate and then place items you love and need. Try buying similar furniture online to match with what you already have.

Style your walls:

Walls are the easiest way to transform your living room without spending too much money. Paint one wall with a different colour and keep a small coffee table in front of it. Add funky stools to it so that it looks trendy and modern. If you like flashy colours, go for them, but make sure you play the rest of the furniture subtle and warm. Add wall shelves to the other plain walls. You can place vases, statues and art pieces in connection with your theme to give a nice look.

Dress up your sofa:

Ordering a sofa set online can be pretty expensive. But if you already have an old sofa with you, try remodelling it. First, change the cushion and covers of the sofa, leaving the frame just the way it is. You can also add some colour to the cushions of your sofa set to look funky. If your sofa colour is light and subtle, then go for bold coloured cushions to light up the room.

Try changing the layout of the room:

Some may have enough space in a living room to change the layout at frequent intervals. For example, if you have a living room with a dining space, it’s time to interchange the living space and the dining space to give a new feel. Moreover, a dining set online in the living room goes well with sectional sofas that help you divide the room. You can also simply change the arrangement of the sectionals. For example, remove the huge bookshelves and replace them with corner bookshelves to have more space.

Add new textures:

Choose furniture with various textures to change the room’s look; if you are bored with the same texture, tone and colour, replace it with the furniture in the next room. Match your curtains with your sofa to give a uniform feel. Do not overdo your showcases and wall shelves. Keep it minimal.


Try these ideas to help you re-furnish your living room without spending too much from your pocket. It brightens up your moods and keeps you excited for a few months. Make sure the changes done feel comfortable and warm. Do not try anything that you are not comfortable with. Use your creativity to get the best view.