Armored vehicles are desired by a lot of high-profile and influential individuals. They have certain features that ordinary vehicles do not have. Some of them look ordinary while others stand out. So, how exactly can you differentiate between an armored vehicle and an ordinary vehicle? Let’s explore the features that make armored vehicles stand out:

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

One of the features that set armored vehicles apart is the armoring made of ballistic-grade steel. This material makes the vehicle’s body different from the body of an ordinary vehicle. Temperature steel covers an armored vehicle’s entire frame. While this improvement adds weight to the vehicle, it increases its level of security. Given the extra weight, Troy Armoring SUVS come with modified brakes, suspension, and engine components for hauling the vehicle. With such features, anyone who drives an armored vehicle will have a different driving experience. 

Protective Technology

Ordinary vehicles are made to protect those who drive and ride them from events such as car accidents. Because of this, they are made with a bulletproof windshield. Manufacturers of this kind of glass heat a vinyl sheet between two glass layers that connect them, ensuring the glass won’t break into pieces. 

Meanwhile, the ballistic glass in armored vehicles is prepared differently. Preparing the glass’s top layer involves using a fragile glass sheet that absorbs the high energy from an incoming bullet. The force of impact is spread on the window’s surface through fractures and cracks. A polycarbonate layer is installed under this layer to ensure the bullet does not penetrate the inside cabin. 

Improved Driving Capabilities

Compared with an ordinary vehicle, an armored vehicle tends to be more powerful because it lets passengers escape any kind of threat or danger whenever it occurs. An armored vehicle can be safely driven on narrow or slick roads and in extreme temperatures. Also, it can run on flat tyres, making it superior to a regular vehicle. Its tyres are installed to operate safely following a blowout. The vehicle’s improved brakes and suspension systems offer drivers more control. Some armored vehicles come with floor blast protections that keep occupants safe during roadside explosions. 

Armored vehicles are better than ordinary vehicles because of their improved features, protection, and strength. Those who want to make the right investment should choose a vehicle that comes with exclusive features. A reputable armored vehicle manufacturer can customize a vehicle to the specifications of the buyer.