When looking for a place to settle down you want to move where you’ll be happy – and

Vancouver, Canada fits that bill consistently year after year in polls from

various places.

The British Columbia seaport city is known for beautiful beaches, an inspiring art scene, and very friendly natives, among many other positive facets.

Check out homes for sale in Vancouver if you’re looking to settle down in a place that makes you smile.

The folks are friendly.

On the whole, Canada is hailed as a country with some of the nicest people in the world. You’ll certainly get a warm Canadian welcome from your neighbors upon moving to Vancouver.

You can’t beat the everyday views.

Vancouver is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the world. How can you be sad when you’re surrounded by soaring mountains and stunning seas with plenty of opportunity to get fresh air?

The Pacific Ocean makes the city air crisp and clean. Everywhere you go there is some calming body of water in sight.

There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy, and the temperate weather means they stay green for the majority of the year.

What’s more, the city had the wherewithal to keep these natural sights in tact as best they could, limiting urban growth and enacting policies that kept nature accessible as the city flourished.

You can get outdoors year-round.

Vancouver’s weather rarely dips below freezing, making it easy to enjoy the outdoors no matter what time of year it is. Keep commuting on foot or via bike even if it’s the winter, and continue to go for hikes or hit up the tennis court even if you’re celebrating a winter holiday.

Vancouver is great for skiers with places like Mount Seymour and Grouse Mountain.

Wildlife watchers can catch a glimpse of everything from bald eagles and bears to humpback whales.

The near-constant access to fresh air and sunshine only boosts the body’s serotonin.

It’s a safe place to be.

Compared to other North American cities its size, Vancouver has an incredibly low crime rate.

The food will feed your soul.

Given the proximity to the ocean, you can’t beat the seafood in Vancouver. That’s just one perk in this foodie-centric city, where you can dine on various cuisines from Japanese hot dogs to plates made completely from locally sourced ingredients.

Housing options fit every need.

Are you looking for a three-bedroom home with a large yard for kids and a dog to enjoy? Maybe a studio apartment or a luxury condo?

No matter what your housing needs are, Vancouver has it. There are a variety of neighborhoods in the city that are perfect for starting a family, kicking off your career, or settling into retirement.

You won’t be bored.

There’s much to see and do in Vancouver, even if you aren’t the type for the outdoors.

There are over 50 professional theater companies in the city, numerous art galleries, and events happening daily that cater to a variety of entertainment tastes.