A family vacation or a friend’s reunion along the Gulf Coast in any of the Gulf States like Florida could be on the cards for you. Visit the small fishing town of Destin Florida, which has been transformed into a huge holiday destination. 

Destin is a scenic town that is surrounded by spectacular crystal, sand beaches, and emerald green water. The place has something to offer everyone. The sunny skies, mesmerizing white beaches, excellent weather all year round, emerald-colored seawater, numerous sea activities, attractions, and immense dining options make Destin a perfect vacation site

If you wish to have a private vacation in Destin Florida with extra amenities that a hotel room simply can’t provide then booking a vacation rental can be a great option. You can enjoy a vacation in peace and have a home-like feeling while avoiding the crowd of the hotels.  The straightforward bookings make these private rental accommodation quite popular with tourists.

Booking a vacation rental 

Destin Florida vacation rentals offer some of the desirable vacation properties on the gulf coast. If you are looking for the best private vacation rentals in Destin Florida then book one through Emerald Coast by Owner which offers a list on their site focusing on the needs of owners and vacation renters situated on the stunning Gulf Coast. They put you in direct contact with the owner of the vacation rental. 

Renting directly from the owner saves your money. You will be able to avoid the service fees like many other sites charge. The price listed for the properties on their website includes all the charges and hence, there are no hidden costs or add-on charges. 

Emerald Coast by Owner provides countless options of vacation rentals in Destin Florida that include condos, complexes, resorts, beach houses, townhomes, villas, and cottages. You can select a property to rent based on your needs like:

  • Proximity to the beaches
  • Gulf views
  • Nearby attractions
  • Parking
  • Pet-friendly property

Although vacation rentals are affordable and very comfortable but identifying them for a good deal is necessary.

Check the location

Search for the property location since each locale is different. The beachfront houses are always in huge demand as it offers a perfect beach holiday experience. The vacation rentals that are a short drive away are cheaper. Hence, decide how near the beach you wish to stay.

  • If you have a family with teens and adults then a little farther away beach house can be preferred.
  • If you are with toddlers and babies or people with mobility issues, you may choose a beachfront house for quick access to the beach.
  • Check for proximity to main attractions, grocery stores, and gas stations.

Always book in advance

Most of the time, people reserve the same vacation rental for their next trip to Destin as  few properties are well liked because of the excellent accommodations and facilities provided like swimming pools, fitness centers, saunas, grilling areas, and tennis courts, beach service, etc.

This is mostly true for peak seasons which are during holiday weekends, spring breaks, and summer months. Therefore, ensure that you make your plans and reservations in advance so that you don’t miss out on staying in your favorite Destin vacation rental. 

Peak seasons

The vacation rentals are in huge demand from June to August when the rates are very high and the place is crowded. If you are lucky, you may find good deals on accommodation in September and November. 

Therefore, be flexible with the dates to save money and also have a pleasurable holiday. April and May are a great time for low vacation rentals in Destin as the sun is shining, the water is warm and the temperature is comfortable.

Understand the terminologies

  • The vacation condominiums or homes on the beach are often referred as being Gulf Front or Beachfront
  • Those that are near the beach are termed as ‘Beach View’ or ‘Gulf View’.
  • The term ‘Garden view’ could mean anything

If there are any of these terms used online then ask the owner for the rental property pictures. Read the property description slowly to check for terms like “No AC upstairs” or “Small driveway for a small car or a motorcycle” to avoid any disappointment when you reach there.

Consider your needs: condo or home

Most of the Gulf Coast vacation rentals include single-family beach homes and luxurious condos. Some homes are huge mansions located right on the beach while most of the condos are in high-rise complexes.

Vacation rentals on the beach with multiple bedrooms have high rentals but they are best for groups with many members. Most of them also have modular kitchens with outdoor grills for the group to have a fun time and also save money by not having food outside.

Call to learn about everything

While searching for vacation rentals in Destin Florida, do not hesitate to call up the owner with your travel plan. You get to learn many things which are not possible through emails. 

Get a clear picture of all the amenities they are providing on their property for a comfortable and home-like stay.

Observe how your queries are answered, how much care they take of their property, and if they are interested in the issues you are facing during the vacation.

Check the reviews

This is essential for detailed knowledge. even if the property has been marked with 4- or 5-star ratings, you might find comments like “water heater was fine but showers could be spaced out” or “more seating is preferred because there was just a couch”.

Do not lie about stay details

If you prefer the rental owners to be honest and upfront regarding their details, they also prefer the same from their customers.

  • Mention the exact number of people staying with you at their property
  • Mention if you are bringing your pet 
  • Share any related details with the owner

Browse and book the perfect home beach for your vacation in Destin Florida. Email or call their owners from the given list on the website and book your rental accommodation directly with the owner.