Strip clubs are more than just places where lusty fantasies come to life on stage. They are a microcosm of the world where you can find all kinds of different people from different backgrounds with different stories, needs and reasons for being there. While the general idea of ​​going to a Melbourne strip club is to see women in various stages of undress for your enjoyment, there are many other different things you can get from that visit.

Can strip clubs change your life? Maybe yes, maybe not, but if you are open enough and willing to immerse yourself in the experience, then yes, there are some useful life lessons you can learn by going to strip clubs. Melbourne is one of the liveliest cities in the world. It is known for its wonderful nightlife and party atmosphere. There are plenty of fun places to go to cater for different tastes and appetites and a good number of gentlemen’s clubs for entertaining. However, there are a few things you should learn before going to a strip club:

# 1: Staring is rude

Strip clubs can be a visual and sensory overload. It’s like presenting candy to a chocohalic and cajoling him or her to partake. It can be hard not to look, and not stare but is just creepy. Compose yourself. Don’t stare and drool, admire. Most strippers appreciate being seen as more than just a piece of meat or circus animals performing for some strange guy’s whimsical fantasies. Watch, enjoy and admire, but try not to act like a pervert.

# 2: Put some energy into it

Sure, you have a nice personality. Good for you! That can also help put the dancer at ease. You will learn that you can attract a better caliber of stripper if you carry a positive vibe around you. Clap your hands, shout and show your enthusiasm. Happiness and positive energy tend to be contagious and in a club environment like that, the experience intensifies when everyone is feeling happy and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

 # 3: A little fantasy and half-truths

Strip clubs sell fantasy, so when you go to a strip club, you can leave that quiet, shy, bored self at the door. Hit a Melbourne strip club like a boss by taking a stack of 1 $ bills. A $100 broken up into singles can look impressive. You will learn that being nice and tipping well will get you far. So, smile and spend that money.

# 4: Hone your negotiation skills

Strip clubs have rules. Some are official, others are simply inferred. Strippers are there to get you out of your money with their beauty and how they move. That’s all. They are not trying to be your girlfriend, your servant or anything else. They give you fantasy and occasionally feign affection, but that’s their job. They do it for the money. If you have out-of-the-ordinary expectations, then money speaks for itself. There are still limits to how far you can go. If you break the rules or make unwanted proposals, you will be in trouble. However, one thing is that in a strip club, everyone knows what they are trading their money for, the experience!